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My late mentor Lew Hunter, UCLA Chair Emeritus, Primetime Emmy Nominee, and writer/producer/executive for all the major networks, and my "make-believe father".


I attended six of his two-week Screenwriting Colonies: September 2008, 2012 & 2013, and June 2014, 2015, & 2018 several times by invitation. During that time, I began six Feature Scripts and a TV Sitcom Pilot.

Bonus: I met my late husband Andy at our 2012 Screenwriting Colony. We are pictured here at the Superior showing of "Once in a Lew Moon", the documentary of Lew's screenwriting life.



Ohio University Professor of Film

I met Dave Thomas at one of Lew's Screenwriting Colonies. Dave is one of Lew's "brothers" in the screenwriting world.

Dave assisted me tremendously while I was formulating my sitcom TV pilot, as well as narrowing down the feature script I began at the same Colony. I was pulling double duty that Colony, working on two scripts... both of which made it into the Second Round of Austin Film Festival!

Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies at University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Film Studies Courses:
Written Works:
  • "Minorities within the Minority: The Lives and Messages of Three Female Directors" 57 pages; 18,682 words; Honors Thesis, May 2007

  • "Sexuality and Body Politics of Almodovar" 16 pages; 4,882 words; Final Paper for Film Director Class, Dec 2005

 Theatre Classes:


Creative Writing

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