Awards & Nominations

Feature Script "Grief Backpack"

March 2021

2021 Semifinalist for WeScreenplay

In March 2021, I was alerted I am a Semifinalist for my dramatic feature "Grief Backpack". Next round April 15th!

2021 Quarterfinalist for WeScreenplay

In February 2021, I was alerted I am a Quarterfinalist for my dramatic feature "Grief Backpack". I got two great sets of feedback so far from the readers. My Valentine was the note "This script could be a game-changer." Who doesn't love to hear that?! Next round is revealed March 15, so stay tuned!

Feature Script "My Fair Agnes"

July 2017

2017 Semi-Finalist for Page Awards

In late July, I received notice that my feature script "My Fair Agnes" was a Quarter-Finalist in the Page Awards. This means it made it past two rounds of judging and is the top 10% of all submissions! In August, I was informed "My Fair Agnes" is a Semi-Finalist, which puts it as 1 of the Top 25 submitted Comedies! It will be judged by agents, managers, and production executives. The next result will be announced in October. Stay Tuned!

2016 Austin Film Festival Second Rounder 

In October 2016, "My Fair Agnes" was a Second Rounder and was in the top 15% of all entries to the renowned contest! See more info below.

Short Script "Last Woman on Earth"

June 2017

2017 Finalist for Snake Alley Festival of Film

This short script was a Finalist at the 2017 Snake Alley Festival of Film in Burlington, Iowa. As part of the fest, it was performed for a live audience at an intimate Table Read. 

2016 Austin Film Festival

October 2016

TRIPLE Second Rounder

I was thrilled to discover that half of the scripts I submitted to the 2016 Austin Film Festival made it to the Second Round, making me a TRIPLE Second Rounder. This means those scripts were in the Top 15% of 9100 submitted scripts! I attended and had a whirlwind of a time learning from panelists working in the industry.

Short Script "The R Word"

June 2016

2016 Finalist for Snake Alley Festival of Film

This short script was a Finalist at the 2016 Snake Alley Festival of Film in Burlington, Iowa. As part of the fest, it was performed for a live audience.

I attended with my writer-boyfriend Andrew Wassom who WON! His short script is entitled "Without Adult Supervision". He also won 3rd place with one of his two finalist short scripts at the 2015 Mile High Horror Film Festival in Denver, Colorado. His genres are horror, suspense, drama, and dark comedy. Shoot me a line to contact him.

Short Script "Meth Zombie" 

2016, 2015 - 3 Festivals, 2 Awards

Three Festivals, Two Awards

Don't let the title fool you. This short is a drama!

  • As previously noted, it was a Second Rounder in the 2016 Austin Film Festival, making it in the Top 15% of 9100 submissions.

  • WINNER at 2015 KCWIFT & KC Film Fest Short Screenplay Competition for:

    • Best Short Screenplay

    • Best Female Protagonist

    • I attended and saw it performed in front of a live audience.

  • Finalist at 2015 Snake Alley Festival of Film. I attended and saw it performed in front of a live audience. 

Short Script: "What Matters Most"  

June 2014

2014 Finalist for Snake Alley Festival of Film

My short script was a Finalist at the 2014 Snake Alley Festival of Film in Burlington, Iowa. I attended, along with two fellow screenwriting finalists. We got to see our scripts performed in front of a live audience.

Short Script: "The Kindergarten Graduate" 



Short Script: "Foggy Intentions" 


Short Script: "Sin by Association" 



Writing Mentors

The Screenwriting Godfather

One of my biggest blessings in life, is that I have studied screenwriting extensively under Lew Hunter, esteemed UCLA teacher, Primetime Emmy Nominee, and writer/producer/executive for all the major networks, and my "make-believe father".


I attended six of his two-week Screenwriting Colonies: September 2008, 2012 & 2013, and June 201, 2015, & 2018 several times by invitation. During that time, I began six Feature Scripts and a TV Sitcom Pilot.


This allowed me to really hone my writing skills, be open to ideas from others (the Colony is a great representation of a Writers Room), understand and apply critiques, as well as nurture my passion for telling a good story.

Bonus: I met my husband Andy at our 2012 Screenwriting Colony. We are pictured here at the Superior showing of "Once in a Lew Moon", the documentary of Lew's screenwriting life.

Ohio University Professor of Film

I met Dave Thomas at one of Lew's Screenwriting Colonies. Dave is one of Lew's "brothers" in the screenwriting world.

Dave assisted me tremendously while I was formulating my sitcom TV pilot, as well as narrowing down the feature script I began at the same Colony. I was pulling double duty that Colony, working on two scripts... both of which made it into the Second Round of Austin Film Festival!

My home away from home... the place where I Am a Writer Writing....

Loving Thanks to all the fellow writers I met here!!


Film Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies at University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Film Studies Courses:
Written Works:
  • "Minorities within the Minority: The Lives and Messages of Three Female Directors" 57 pages; 18,682 words; Honors Thesis, May 2007

  • "Sexuality and Body Politics of Almodovar" 16 pages; 4,882 words; Final Paper for Film Director Class, Dec 2005

 Theatre Classes:

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